Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Final Days in Ukraine

We arrived in Kiev at 6:30 AM on Wednesday in time to quickly shower at our new apartment before heading to the clinic. This was for Levi Nazar's physical exam, needed for his embassy paperwork. The clinic was very crowded with people. The doctor was extremely abrupt and negative about him, and just as she was telling us all that he would not be able to do, he decided to take a stand - literally. He grabbed the doctor by her stethoscope and, as she pulled back, he stood up and just looked at her. She then stated, "well, I guess he is strong!"

We next went to the United States Embassy where Steve filed the needed paperwork to receive Levi's visa. On Thurday, we returned to the embassy and were able to finalize all the paperwork in order for us to fly back. We were in the embassy with five other families also adopting from the United States. As a group we took an oath that all the paperwork was filled out truthfully and accurately. Then we were seen one at a time to sign paperwork. After waiting for another hour, we were given a packet to give to the immigration officers in New York City. When we step off the plane in New York, Levi Nazar will become an American citizen. As we left the embassy, Jamie took a few photos of Levi and Steve. When walking back to our driver, Jamie was stopped by an embassy security guard and had to delete all the photos.

Today we were able to do some sightseeing and pack. Tomorrow (Saturday) we are being picked up at 9:30 AM with our flight leaving Kiev at noon. We will spend tomorrow night in New York City. Our flight leaves Sunday morning at 9:30 to Phoenix. We will post more photos of our final week once we are home, as we aren't able to do so at this location.

See you in America!


Karen said...

Can't wait to see you all home on American soil!!!

We will be praying for your trip home! Our girls hated the airports (too many people, too much noise and stimulus) but they really calmed down and loved the plane ride.(even the one that lasted for hours) They ate lots of crackers and juice and made quick work of tearing apart every airline magazine.

Hang in there're getting so close to the end! :)

Cathy O. said...

OMGosh...this is so exciting!!! Can Sunday come any quicker??? I wish you safe travels HOME! Love to all of you and I so look forward to chatting with you.

All our love to Steve, Jamie and Levi Nazar...

Cathy, Lisa, Yvette and Baby Savannah :-)

schoolmother said...

OH my goodness!! You are coming home tomorrow! Congratulations!

AZmomto8 said...

Have a very safe flight home, I am looking forward to homecoming pictures.

Debbie Schmelzle said...

Hi Jamie and Steve- I finally had the time to read your blog. Your pictures and comments brought tears to my eyes! Levi is just adorable and all of you look so happy! I can't wait to see him when you get back. Have a safe trip home!
Love, Debbie

The Francis Family said...

I can't believe it's actually happening!!! I can't ! You probably are in a bubble right now!!! Wait until your back on Arizona soil before you fall to your knees and thank the Lord for his guidance!!! What an inspiration you all are to me and to my family! I know some Dr's that have examined Cameron that have said he will never do this or that and look at him now!!! Don't let the negative people have any say in your family's life! I am so proud to call you friends of mine!!! Hope to hear from you soon!!! All our love!!!
THe Francis Family

Chuck & Charlotte said...

Enjoyed reading your blog! Levi is as cute as a button! Congratulations! We're so happy for you!!!!

Charlotte & Chuck