Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quick Update

We have spent the past few days splitting our time between visiting the orphanage and doing paperwork in Kharkov. We have been able to get his new birth certificate, Ukrainian social security number for passport, visa photos, passport application and photo. This has involved many hours driving around Kharkov to various places. It has seemed, at times, to be endless, however, we are getting close to our time in Kharkov ending...and then on to Kiev.

In the above photo, Levi Nazar had just awakened from his nap after we arrived. Iliana on the left, and Maria on the right, are two of the caregivers in his groupa. We could barely communicate with them, but we think they wanted to know if we had voted for Obama or McCain and how we felt about the elections. Before waking up Nazar, we had a chance to show them the photo album we brought from home. They were very interested and asked many questions through passing our Russian book back and forth and all of us acting things out.

After getting Levi Nazar dressed, they sat him at a table for us to spend time with him. This is the room where the children eat their meals.

We took the time to get our first "official" family portrait.

Finally, we'll end this post with a photo from yesterday, when Levi Nazar enjoyed his first piggy-back ride with his new dad.


stephanie said...

Did you hum the dum de dum song? It is tradition you know.
He is beautiful Steven and Jamie. I Cant wait to see him when you get back and hear about all of the adventures on your trip....there has to some good ones knowing Steve.

molly said...

Congratulations! I can not believe that your journey is almost over. I can not wait to meet your family of three. Hope to see you all very soon.

Aaron H said...

OMG, that is a beautiful picture of you (Steve) and your son! Perfect . . .